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Car Locksmith: How To Unlock A Frozen Car

The cold season can cause a lot of problems for cars. Here, the car locksmith will discuss the crucial points for car lock care in winter. Unfortunately, in most cases, the automotive manufacturer does not install special systems to protect locks from freezing. However, there are many practical recommendations. You should not try to open it by force because, besides mechanical damage, you can’t use other solutions.

Auto Locksmith: Car Lock Freezing Causes

This is a problem most drivers face during the cold season. If you wonder why the locks are frozen and how to fix the problem, read the next part. The main cause for this problem is the moisture in the lock well. When the water freezes, it doesn’t allow the key to be turned. This problem is also common when it rains, and the car gets wet. In some cases, the lock may be severely damaged and may not be opened without the help of the car locksmith.

commercial locksmith
commercial locksmith

Car Locksmith Solutions For Frozen Car

Sometimes the car door lock and handle freeze. This also happened to the shops. Commercial locksmiths offer to stay calm and not rush. You may intend to pour hot water on the lock or try turning the key in the automatic frozen lock. Undoubtedly, all these cause severe damage to the lock system.

One of the safest and most influential commercial locksmith methods is to use a lock de-icer. These products are made of alcohol-based formula, and by pouring it into the lock, the defrosting process is performed quickly.

Auto locksmiths strongly recommend you not to pour boiling water on the car. Pouring hot water on the car lock increase the freeze. Or it may cause heat shock to the electronic sensor system and cause more problems for you. Turning the key in the frozen lock may break it inside the lock. Injuries that only an auto locksmith can repair. You should not force the switch on the lock as the switch may break, and you will need an auto locksmith to remove the broken key in the lock!

You can use a hairdryer to melt ice. By turning on the hairdryer and heating the door and lock, the ice gradually melts. Another simple solution is to heat the switch. Sometimes your problem may be solved by just waiting until ice melting, and you don’t need an emergency locksmith.

emergency locksmith
emergency locksmith

Prevent Car Door Freezing

Emergency locksmiths believe that when the weather gets too cold, the best way to prevent the car door from freezing is to cover the car with covers or park it in warmer environments such as parking.

But sometimes drivers have to park their car outdoors for long periods.  In this case, silicone sprays or special liquids can be used to prevent the car from freezing. When these solutions are spread on the car door, they will avoid freezing.

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