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History Of Locks and Mobile Locksmith

From the beginning of modern civilization until today, one of the human concerns is protecting personal belongings, which is the main purpose of inventing the lock and mobile locksmith.

Have you ever wondered when humans started making locks and mobile locksmithing emerged as one of the human beings’ needs?

The First Locks In Human History Made By Locksmiths

Today’s locksmith industry make locks that provide more features to users that increase peace of mind and security. But old locks, unlike modern locks, were used only for simple tasks. For this reason, locksmith services in the past have had a different face from what we encounter today. Today, locks are made of copper, iron, bronze, brass and steel. Steel is more common.

when the first humans lived in caves, they made a fire at the cave’s entrance that acted as a protection system and prevented wild animals from entering the cave. But with the time passing and changing human needs, the fire was not enough! They needed equipment to prevent people from unauthorized access.

Ancestor locksmiths used mechanical devices to protect their belongings. At first, locks were simple knots made of rope or other materials. But after a while, with the development of new technologies, locksmith services provide more secure locks that were made of wood and metal.

locksmith services
locksmith services

Mechanical Locks

Historians do not know precisely when mechanical locks were first made for mobile locksmith usage. Many believe that the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans developed locks independently.

The history of mechanical locks began more than 6,000 years ago in ancient Egypt with wooden locks. A locksmith services provider decided to make a simple but efficient needle lock.

The lock was made of a wooden frame to perfectly match the doors and a horizontal pin that entered the lock frame. Part of the wooden lock was attached to the door, and a horizontal screw was inserted inside it.

Metal Locks

During the first millennium BC, locks were finally improved with technologies and designs introduced by the Greeks and Romans. The Romans used metals as a raw material to enhance Greek and Egyptian locks. These locks were safer, and, for the first time, they were small enough to fit in a pocket. The number of lock parts varies depending on the model.

In Egypt and Mesopotamia, locking up treasuries, wheat warehouses, and temples were common In the second millennium BC. Lock-makers of the Middle Ages, especially in Germany, had unique expertise in delicate locks. They made the keys and moving parts of the lock very complex and decorated the locks’ appearance very nicely.

Locksmith in Melbourne
Locksmith in Melbourne

Locksmith Near Me

When you have any problems with the lock, you should choose a reliable and accessible Locksmith in Melbourne who can provide the services you want. The first thing you need to do is decide what services you require and know if they provide the service.

Most “locksmith near me” technicians specialize in home security systems and various locks, but Locksmith Near Me also specialize in car locksmithing, Which includes each part of the car lock and its security system.

Our mobile locksmith in Melbourne has provided countless services in the following areas:

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  • Open the door of light and heavy safes

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