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How To Solve Car Lock Problems – Car Locksmith

Regardless of the car model, all car locks look the same for someone who is unfamiliar with car locksmith principles.

But the internal constructions depend on the car model and the year in which the car was manufactured.

auto locksmith

As residential locksmiths, it is essential to know the purpose of making a specific lock to provide auto locksmith services.

The structure of a lock installed on a car depends on its role. Engineers have designed different locks for ignition, door and trunk in a typical auto. Knowing this matter helps a locksmith to repair the locks of different cars.

car locksmith
car locksmith

Car Locksmith Solutions

Skilled commercial and residential locksmiths must keep themselves informed about the changes made to locks and locking systems. Some changes are made for more security and some for more convenience.

Generally, people call auto locksmiths near me to solve these  four problems:

  • A foreign object like a broken key lodged in the cylinder
  • When the keys won’t operate any more
  • Someone left the key inside the car, and it is locked
  • The key turns hard in a cylinder

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The broken piece can be taken off from car lock in the same way in residential locksmiths. A locksmith can remove a key stuck in a door in  this way:

  1. turning the broken key to the position when it’s first inserted into the lock.
  2. Using a tool called the broken-key extractor to remove the damaged part

key turns hard in the cylinder

Let’s see what to do when your key turns hard in the cylinder. It happens due to an improper bent rod between the car door walls.

This can occur when you use car-opening tools inaccurately. Your locksmith can remove the trim panel and straighten the problem rod.

Another problem is when the key turns smoothly but won’t open the door.

Let’s see how to solve it:

An expert car locksmith can solve the problem by repairing the cylinder. Often, the rod within the door (usually connected to the lock) has been disconnected.

The locksmith removes the inside trim panel, locate the disconnected rod, and reconnect it. A new retainer clip may be required to fasten the rod.

Auto Locksmith
Auto Locksmith

What Service Does Auto Locksmiths Offer?

Locksmith for cars is our customers’ service who forget, lose or break the vehicle’s key. It includes:

  • replacing broken locks and opening the doors whose keys are lost.
  • Lock installation, repair and replacement
  • High-security lock preparation

Locksmith for cars detects and repair all parts’ problems, from the smallest to the largest one. Locksmiths provide your security needs at affordable prices. We will be with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Thanks to our expert locksmith team, we provide fast and affordable service to our customers.

All of our locksmiths are reliable; Be sure that you won’t encounter any problems while asking us for help.

Our professional car locksmith will assist you with high-quality services.

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