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Fingerprint Locks Disadvantages That A Mobile Locksmith

If you want to control and manage your assets precisely, ask a mobile locksmith to install a fingerprint lock for you. Biometric scanning technology provides us with a secure future and makes it possible to access places by physiological characteristics.

Although with all the locks’ benefits, there are some problems that you should know before asking a residential or commercial locksmith to install them. Let’s talk a little more about the structure of these essential locks in locksmith services.

What Are Fingerprint Locks – Why Mobile Locksmiths Adore Them?

As the name implies, the process of identifying and authenticating authorized persons is done with fingerprints in these locks. Mobile locksmith companies use the following scientific fact to make these smart locks:

“Humans’ evolution shows that fingerprints are exclusive and is as a wonderful method for recognition and identification”.

When a finger is placed on the lock’s scanner, the fingerprint information is converted to a numerical data array, and its pattern is stored. This process is repeated each time a person places a finger on the scanner.

When the same person puts the finger on the digital lock sensor, the authentication process runs. The door opens by matching the new data with the stored information in the device memory.

Locksmith service
Locksmith service

Locksmith Near Me: Digital Fingerprint Drawbacks

Digital fingerprint locks are one of the most secure access control systems in locksmith near me products, but they still have drawbacks. A skilled locksmith service provider must know how to install, troubleshoot and repair these locks.

They Are Difficult To Replace Or Repair

For a standard or even encrypted lock, changing the password or replacing the key is easy; But if the fingerprint lock has a problem, you can not do this quickly, and it takes a knowledgeable residential or commercial locksmith to find the system error and resolve it.

Imagine someone brings you a postal package, and no one is home. You can give the key to the neighbour in the traditional system, but you have to add his fingerprint to the system in fingerprint locks.

Power Outage

These locks depend on electricity to work. A method to solve this problem is to install an emergency power system. In case of a power outage, locks use a battery source.

commercial locksmith
commercial locksmith

Fingerprint Recognition Failure

Sometimes these locks may not recognize your fingerprint. This problem occurs because of oily hands or a dirty scanner screen. If this happens too often, it will be annoying and problematic. For example, you arrive home on a rainy day, your hands are wet, and it does not recognize your fingerprints.

Moreover, Just like mechanical locks, you have to give a key to family members. These locks also need all valid fingerprints. In the traditional system, it is not necessary for everyone to be present, and the locksmith produces several copies from a single key. But for these locks, everyone must be present for adding fingerprints to the system.

High Cost In Residential And Commercial Locksmith

One of the most critical items in buying a smart lock is its price. This system is expensive and not suitable for small businesses. A fingerprint lock price may be a bit pricey, but its special and unique features justify this price.

Finally, If you think you can secure your home with digital fingerprint locks, you can call Locksmith Near Me and use the advice of our consultants on mobile locksmithing.

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