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Locksmith: What Are The Best-Selling Brands Of Digital Locks

There are several brands of digital locks for locksmiths to choose from in different projects. It is easy for them to select the best one according to project necessities. But this variety makes it difficult for ordinary people to choose a good one. That’s why we recommend that you research before buying electronic locks or ask a mobile locksmith for help.

Choosing the right smart lock brand depends on several things such as the type of door, lock usage, and budget. In this article of Locksmith Near Me, we try to introduce you to the best-selling brands of digital locks.

The Best-Selling Brands Of Electronic Locks In Locksmithing

Many companies and mobile locksmiths are currently manufacturing digital locks. Their products have unique technical and security features that can meet different needs.

Yale Digital Lock Brand

Yale is probably the most famous name in the global lock market. It is also one of the oldest international brands and has been producing entrance door locks since 1861.

Yale brand uses advanced technologies in its products, and one of its best-selling products is the digital lock. This lock is secure and is an excellent option to protect the entrance door of work or home.

In addition to producing locks, this brand is also famous for producing other security products. Yale digital locks have features such as advanced security systems, security codes, security alarms, smart access, and more.

Locksmith near me
Locksmith near me

Assa Abloy

This Swedish brand is also a reputable manufacturer of electronic locks with many subsets worldwide. The company started in 1994 with the merger of two Swedish and Finnish companies ASSA, and ABLOY. Many “locksmith near me” service providers use Assa Abloy.

Yale and TESA are affiliated companies of Assa Abloy, which indicates the company’s products’ quality. This company’s digital locks have unique technical features and production quality, so it has many fans in the United States and Europe.

Samsung Lock in mobile locksmith services

Samsung is one of the famous manufacturers of digital locks in the world. Attractive design and advanced security systems have made this Korean brand one of the world’s best-selling digital lock brands.

Notable features of this brand include an anti-hacking system, fire protection system, anti-theft system, IR system, double lock, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, child lock, admin password and,…

Gate Man

Like Yale, this brand is an affiliate company of Assa Abloy. With more than 200 companies worldwide, it is one of the largest and most reputable brands in electronic locks in the world. The distinctive features of this brand are the durable body material and the advanced security systems.

mobile locksmith
mobile locksmith

Choose The Right Brand When Shopping

Numerous companies have electronic lock production technology. They design and offer specific types of locks, according to their ability. So choosing a brand is not an easy task.

Note that you should choose your brand based on parameters such as product quality, after-sales service, technical support, security features, and so on. With proper investment and choice, you can achieve the highest level of quality and security.

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