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Pin Tumbler Locks In Mobile Locksmith

Pin tumbler is one of the oldest locks in the mobile locksmith, which also has many uses. The way these lock works is intresting. In this article from commercial locksmith Melbourne, we talk about this lock.

Pin Tumbler Locks

A pin tumbler lock is a security device that mainly depends on the pin cylinder for a mobile locksmith melbourne. Today, the pin tumbler cylinder is the most frequently used cylinder.

Commercial locksmiths use them in many knob locks, deadbolt locks, padlocks, and car locksmith near me.

Mobile locksmith
Mobile locksmith


Pin Tumbler Parts

The cylinder consists of the other parts. Fundamental elements of a pin tumbler cylinder include:

  • The cylinder case: housing, shell
  • Plug or core: it consists of the keyway and rotates while turning the key.
  • Keyway
  • Lower pin chambers
  • Upper pin chambers
  • Springs
  • Top pins drivers
  • Bottom pins

Of course, some models may have more components, but they all work the same. When a commercial locksmith Hawthorn disassembles the cylinder, drilled holes, can be seen along the length of the plug.

According to locksmith book written by Bill Phillips, which is a helpful book for home and car locksmiths, there are holes inside the cylinder case that match in size and position, called upper pin chambers.

These holes are in correct relative positions with the lower pin chambers. Each set of bottom and top pins is called a stack.

car locksmith
car locksmith


Tumbler Locks Operation – Mobile Locksmith

The important thing about these locks is that the position of each pin determines whether the cylinder can rotate. Pressure from the springs and key determine Pin positions.

When you don’t use a key, gravity and the downward pressure drive the top pins into the plug until they get on their identical bottom pins.

When a pin is in its upper pin and in a lower pin chamber simultaneously, it obstructs the plug from turning. If you want to rotate it with force, you would probably bend the pin.

When you insert a proper key into the keyway, it slides under all the pins and lifts them to the shear line. The precise key will suit the keyway and have fitly spaced cuts of the depths to match each bottom pin length.

When all the top and bottom pins meet at the line, they allow the plug to rotate freely. When the plug is rotated, the top pins separate from the bottom pins.

The end

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